NicolaToday Nicola from the Lush Online team shares how she fell in love with Vanillary:

“I have never been the biggest fan of the sweet smells in Lush; I do like Rock Star, Candy Fluff etc. but I’ve always been more of a Karma or Big Blue fan.

I was therefore not expecting to fall in love with the Vanillary scent but a few years ago, when my old store manager showed me a brand new Lush ballistic (Vanilla Fountain) I absolutely fell in love with it! Sweet but not sickly, it became a firm favourite.

A year or so later Lush introduced the Vanillary perfume. I was instantly hooked! I began to wear it daily and noticed that I was getting even more comments on how great I was smelling than usual (you get used to people commenting on the way you smell when you work for Lush!).

I remember one evening turning up to the pub wearing Vanillary and a male friend leant in, sniffed me and said “ahh…you’ve brought ‘the smell’!” In fact, ‘the smell’ was beginning to get so much attention that my sister went out and bought herself her own bottle of Vanillary! Then, not too long after that I went out with a friend (again, I wore Vanillary) who turned to me the next day and said that she had to get some Vanillary after smelling it on me and seeing how people reacted to the way my skin smelt! So for me my Vanillary is the perfect way to smell good enough to eat and introduce people to the exciting world of fine fragrance.”


Simon Constantine originally created this floral gourmand fragrance for a bath bomb called Vanilla Fountain, inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant. When it became an instant hit Simon was nagged into submission by colleagues until he produced the fine fragrance version. The Lush inventors briefly experimented with giant bath bombs and for a while we also had a Vanilla Mountain.

Since Vanillary started its life in Lush, it’s also available as a body lotion, massage bar, bath bomb and a body powder.


Breath of God

I hope you’re all getting stuck into the brand new Gorilla Perfume range. It’s been a few months since we launched and we’ve been busy.

The successful London gallery made its debut New York appearance last month with yours truly answering questions, and even guide a few choice perfumistas around. It was great fun and every bit as successful as our grand Shoreditch entrance in July. Next up, Mr. Big will be opening the Tokyo gallery as we launch Gorilla perfume in Japan this Christmas.

Meanwhile, to keep all you loyal British fans happy, we are pleased to announce my wonderful five-star (yes, five-star!) fragrance, Breath of God, is now available in store. It’s returning by popular demand under the Gorilla banner after we lost it when ‘B’ closed its doors. For those who haven’t heard of it before, I first developed the idea of Breath of God when reading up on pheromones. I discovered that many attractive scents actually contain pheromones similar to our own. For example, the composition of incense materials are actually similar to that of human breath. So, when incense is burning in a church, temple or wherever else, it’s like a sweet, ethereal breath flowing through the congregation. I found this fascinating and on my subsequent travels through China and Tibet, I was inspired by the heavy use of incense. From yak butter candles and sandalwood incense in the temples to the juniper branches burned on the hillsides.

When I returned from travelling, I began making two fragrances. One was rich in wood-smoke, heavy with amber and sandalwood inside the temples. The other fresh, clean like the air whistling across the nomadic grasslands. When both of these fragrances were finished, I realized that the first was heavily masculine, woody and resinous; the other took crisp cucumber notes mixed with neroli and bergamot and was altogether more feminine. I decided to chance mixing the two to see if they blended and the result was Breath of God, a balance of masculine and feminine.

A short while after it was released, Breath of God received a wonderful review in Perfumes: The Guide of which I was very proud hence the 5 stars!

I hope you all enjoy,

Simon C – One half of the Gorilla perfumers