We’ve got a temporary home and some good news!

After a short hiatus from online retail we once again have a home – albeit a temporary one – where you can stock up on all the Gorilla Perfumes. There will be a new Gorilla website later this year and all the extras such as Perfumista Profiles will return.

To make things even sweeter, some long-awaited products are now available!

Many of the solid perfumes you have asked for have arrived. Find them in the B sides section.

The two halves of Breath of God, Inhale and Exhale, can now be bought separately in a new jojoba-based dropper bottle format. Those of you who visited any of our gallery exhibitions in London, New York or Tokyo will have seen them in the gallery pop-up shops.

We hope you enjoy these!


Gorilla in the Press

Our black bottles have popped up in publications all over there world! Here’s just a small selection…