Ready for a Dirty weekend?

Dirty fragranceWe’re very excited to reveal the full new Dirty product range this weekend! There’s everything from toothpaste to fine fragrance and it all matches – in a new, clever way (if we say so ourselves).

Simon Constantine (Head Perfumer, Lush and Gorilla Perfume) decided to create a whole range of matching products—with a twist. He broke down the individual accords of the Dirty perfume and scented each product in the range with one of them. Starting with the Toothy Tabs, the Dirty guy can now get layered in a new and sophisticated way, building the scent back up again one product at a time. No more clashing product scents!

Dirty was one of the fine fragrances in Lush’s sister-brand B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. Mark Constantine worked on the concept of guys who are too busy to always have a proper wash and might go for the ‘Italian shower’ option of spraying copious amounts of body spray under a worn t-shirt instead.

To cater for such lads, Dirty fragrance was born—an antidote to everything dirty and musty; its fragrance is minty, fresh, herbal and clean with a hint of sea air.

Mark also deduced that no matter how dirty a guy gets, he will at least brush his teeth before making love. Could mint therefore become an aphrodisiac?

Our customers have said that Dirty smells like ‘sexy guys’ so it seems that something is working…

P.S. Women have been known to borrow this perfume. This fragrance is definitely unisex!

Spring WashThe range

Dirty Toothy Tabs £2.00/9g
Dirty Spring Wash Shower Gel £4.25/100g, £8.50/250g, £14.95/500g
Dirty Shaving Cream £4.96/100g
Dirty Styling Cream £5.50/100g
Dirty Body Spray £12.50/180g
Dirty Perfume £2.00/2g, £9.00/9g, £20/27g
Dirty Solid Perfume £4.50/12g

The products are available in Lush stores nationwide and on our website now.