Evoking the imagination. In a different time, this bus could easily have housed a bohemian band on tour, or been the crash pad for a group of retro vagabonds. In this case, it will be the travelling across the UK showcasing Simon and Mark’s latest inventions.
The bright green bus came into our procession a few months ago in early summer and was destined for a unique purpose, to travel around the country filling the streets with perfume.
Steve Kraków, more famously known as Plastic Crimewave, came over from Chicago and tirelessly spent hours recreating the outside of the bus. Filling it with images from and the inspirations behind Gorilla’s new selection of fragrances, it is a psychedelic masterpiece.
The wooden stairs lead you up and into a different world. One that vibrates with curiosities. Shelves of tin toys mixed in with antique perfume bottles, with jars of dried flowers and spices. The roof plastered with maps and post cards and gig posters can’t help but be studied. The whole think echoes peculiarly of an eccentric’s collection of oddities, whilst still being relaxed and intimate. The perfect place to discover perfume.

The bus starts touring October 3rd, 2012. It will be travelling to various major cities across the UK for the month, ending in London at the beginning of November.

Plastic Crimewave: http://plasticcrimewave.com/
Gorilla on Instragram: gorillaperfumes


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