Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Ryan van Winkle

photograph by Ericka Duffy

Ryan Van Winkle is currently Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries following a successful and extended 3-year run as the Scottish Poetry Library’s first-ever Reader in Residence. He remains the host of the SPL’s weekly poetry podcast and continues to encourage the reading of poetry – some say ‘by any means necessary’.

Ryan’s first collection, ‘Tomorrow We Will Live Here’ is available from Salt, and received rave reviews from all over the world, like this, from Gutter Magazine:

“The debut collection by the Scottish Poetry Library’s American-born Reader in Residence is nothing short of excellent. There is a small-town, downtrodden, careworn feel but as Van Winkle bumps the reader along the back roads of country America – and Scotland – his urgent narrative voices rapidly dispel any air of despondency. These are compelling, self-assured, driven poems that shine a longing, elegaic laserbeam at their subjects.”

Ryan is also a co-founder of Forest Publications, which gave birth to literary cabaret phenomenon, The Golden Hour. As master of ceremonies for The Golden Hour, for this tour Ryan has chosen a selection of performers to delight, surprise, astound and entertain in each city – a feast for all the senses.

Here’s Ryan at Lushfest….note the footwear…


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