Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Lake Montgomery

Globetrotting Lake Montgomery has made her way from Paris, Texas through Amsterdam to Scotland, carrying a guitar and a voice as rich as the history that influences it. As she says herself:

“Most people cringe at the thought of growing up in a small Texas town. I used to avoid this reaction by claiming whichever place I had just left—San Francisco, St. Louis, Tucson, New Orleans, etc

When I explain my music, however, I must honestly reveal my roots. I am a child of Paris Texas. So is my mother. So is my grandmother and hers. And so on to the slave times. My music and I grew up in old shanty negro church-house gospel; my mother’s folk/soul collection, my grandmother’s work songs, and the desolation of a hopeless town.”
Lake will be appearing in Glasgow on October 9, and Stirling on October 10.

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