Gorilla On Tour- Performer Profile: William Letford


In addition to being a talented poet, William Letford has worked as a roofer, on and off, since he was 15 years old. Known for his passionate poetry readings, which he recites from memory, William released his collection, Bevel, by Carcanet Press in 2012.

I don’t think we can sing any higher praise for William’s poetry, but to quote, verbatim, Nicholas Lezard, poetry editor of The Guardian.

“Look at it this way: the pleasure afforded by even two bottles of wine, or a duck confit, is passing, and, in time, not even the memory of it remains. Yet the pleasure I have gained from William Letford‘s poems alone will, I am confident, stay with me for ever.

I can honestly say that on reading his 14 very short poems here, I feel just as Keats did when he read Chapman’s Homer: that a new planet has come into the sky. How can you not smile – or indeed, as I did, laugh out loud – at his poem “Moths”, which begins with the word “moths” dotted about the page, like, of course, a cloud of moths (the title forming an extra-large moth), and then has, as its first proper line, the words “fucking moths”? Or “It’s aboot the labour” whose central section goes like this:

heh Casey did ah tell ye a goat
a couple a poems published

eh   naw
aw   right

(Letford, it is made clear in the little biographies at the end of the book, has a real job – as a roofer – and his poem about getting up to work in winter when it’s still dark should make poncey southern metropolitan softies like me a little bit ashamed of themselves.)”

We are very pleased to have William join the Gorilla On Tour-The Golden Hour: Infused and Bemused.

To listen to William read, please visit The Guardian website here.

Postscript: As per the reading, when Peggy Hughes says a poet is amazing, we believe her.


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