Gorilla Perfumes Bus Tour: Day One

We set off on the road in the green bus at a little past 12 on Monday afternoon. The team at the Lush Design office stood outside the doors eagerly waiting to wave us off. Ben, our blond-haired driver, hopped on up into the van and pulled us into reverse. Jo, with a look of either excitedness or terror (it was hard to tell from my angle) filmed us on her iphone as we pulled out the drive, there was no turning back now, it was Scotland or bust!

Bumbling along on the roads leading north, Ben and I covered all of the topics you are and aren’t supposed to cover. It’s amazing how much you can learn about someone in a confined space for ten hours. One thing we definitely agreed on was how bloody exciting this trip was going to be. Oh the eagerness to spend time with artists and perfume, what a delightful adventure was ahead of us!

Things were clipping along fine, until the sat nav stopped working and told us we were currently in the middle of a field. No worries, I’ll just turn it off and on again (I learned this much from the IT Crowd.) Sorted. Then the speedometer stopped working. No clanging or buzzing, it just stopped, its little hand limply hanging below zero. Ben assured me it was ok though, because the bus actually couldn’t go faster then 60mph. Nervousness began creeping on the edges when both the red lights on the dash suddenly started blinking wildly. “Don’t tweet this” Ben said as I laughed anxiously. “If it keeps flashing, we’ll pull over at the next service” I am sure this was supposed to instil confidence, but all I could picture was us sitting at the side of the road somewhere outside of Birmingham, waiting for the AA.

Then, what I can only imagine was the moment the gods of perfume smiled down on our odyssey, the lights stopped flashing. Moments later, the speedometer began rearing its lovely wand pointing north (ok, I understand it is not a compass, but none the less, the imagery is good) and the magic green perfume bus had healed itself!

We clipped along as the sunset over Lake District, and then as dusk consumed Carlisle. In a *short* ten and half hours, we had hit the first stop on the tour; Glasgow.

Now we are here, come find us! This perfume has travelled many roads already to be discovered.


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