Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Paul Tvaroh

For the Edinburgh gig at Inspace, the most amazing science and arts laboratory, we’ve brought along a surprise. Paul Tvaroh will be serving bespoke cocktails based on one of our perfumes. Paul and Gorilla Perfume have a long relationship, thanks in part to Lush’s lovely Charlotte who was served drinks by Mr. Tvaroh and thought he would work well with us. And it’s the kind of relationship in which each party walks away equally inspired by the other.

Paul has been called the Grant Achatz or Heston Blumenthal of bartending (depending on which continent the article was written on). He has been praised from such drinks industry legends like Eben Freeman. His bar often pops up in “Best Bars In the World” lists. He would be embarrassed that we are singing his praises so openly where everyone can see them. He’s a mysterious creature.
Paul is the proprietor of the legendary bar Lounge Bohemia, on Great Eastern Street, in Shoreditch, London. Hidden between a kebab shop and convenience store, there lurks a whole world of elegance, creativity, style and cocktails. Paul has the most minor of web presences, so please excuse the neopotism while we direct you to this site- but it’s the only one we know of that shows the ephemeral pieces of art, Mr. Tvaroh creates. Here you go.

To visit Lounge Bohemia yourself, we warn you*:

1) you must make a booking and 2) you cannot wear a business suit.


*we’re serious.


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