Gorilla on Tour: Performer Profiles: Anneliese Mackintosh

This is Anneliese Mackintosh. That is a rather lovely photo isn’t it? Anneliese has joined the Golden Hour Infused & Bemused Tour and we couldn’t be any happier. Allow Anneliese to describe herself in her own words, because she’s very good at it.

“I write literary fiction for adults. Some of it’s suitable for young adults. Most of it’s not suitable for children. That’s a warning. I love writing short stories, but am also working on a second novel and getting into writing radio drama for the BBC. A few years ago, I wrote and directed two of my own stage plays. That was hell. I’ve had my work published in UK publications like Edinburgh Review, Gutter, Outside of a Dog, The Year of Open Doors, From Glasgow to Saturn, and in US lit mags like Zygote in my Coffee, Up The Staircase Quarterly, and Citizens For Decent Literature, as well as broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland. My favourite subjects to write about are: sexuality, death, women, relationships, mental health, and me me me.”

Her favourite subjects are some of our favourite subjects, both in perfume and otherwise.

She is also an editor. Again, we hand it over to Anneliese Mackintosh:
“I am a Consultant Editor at Cargo, an award-winning indie publisher in Scotland. Cargo are awesome. Go check them out. So far I’ve edited Ewan Morrison’s Tales From The Mall, Alan Bissett’s The Moira Monologues, and Simon Sylvester’s 140 Characters.”

We think she is pretty damn cool. And we’re very pleased she’s joined Gorilla on Tour.

To find out more about Anneliese (because that was a mere nutshell), visit her website here.

She also happened to edit Ewan Morrison‘s book Tales From The Mall.

Ewan caught the Golden Hour: Infused and Bemused tour. Ewan posted his lively status updates on facebook. When I asked if I could quote him, he said

“You could maybe say that Ryan Van Winkle has a lot in common with God, including a beard. xx”

So we’ve said it. On behalf of Ewan Morrison. Whose latest novel, the aforementioned Tales From The Mall, is up for a Not The Booker Prize in the Guardian. Which you can vote for. And if you’ve read Ewan’s work, and want to vote please visit here to do so.


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