Newcastle to Sheffield

After pulling out of sunny Newcastle, we decided we must see the Angel of the North (superstitious? Not really, curious? Very.) After countless roundabouts we hit the open road, setting down the carriageway. Dusk settled as we approached the massive angel structure, and were suitably impressed  Maybe we could douse it in Furze, making it more heavenly. I didn’t smell it, but I would imagine it smelt like wet metal. Furze would be much better. We darted around, shooting a few pictures, before popping back into the truck to make our way down through Yorkshire into Sheffield.

Night settled in over the dark, rolling hills of the North, our only companions along the road were massive transport trucks, but they weren’t bad company. Ben suggested we start a singing band. It seemed like a good idea until we tried our hand at harmonizing, where it was then quite obvious that the bus’s current occupation as a perfume apothecary gallery was its better suited calling. None the less, we carried on, finally making it to our lovely stop in the heart of Sheffield.

We pulled into the parking lot, where I learned that Ben had skills in thirty eight point turns. Tight parking lot, big van, well past ten at night. Fun times. Ever the champ though, he managed to squeeze our green bus in between to rather normal sized vehicles!

This morning, very early and debatably fresh, we pulled our lovely Gorilla Tour Bus into the pedestrian ground in front of the Sheffield City Hall. We’ve had our coffees, and are now rearing to go, bringing perfume to this lovely corner of the North.


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