Chris Scott, Literary Paparrazo, paps Gorilla on Tour

Chris Scott is an Edinburgh based photographer who is intrigued by all manners of art, literature, music and culture. I have, to this date, never seen Chris when he hasn’t had a camera in tow. Chris has attended many of Gorilla’s guerilla events and taken the most beautiful photos of Gorilla scents at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and when we held an event at the Scottish Poetry Library, during The Edinburgh Olfaction Festival. Chris also is the one who has taken those lovely photos of the book sculptures that went viral last year. The ones that The Guardian wrote about here and National Public Radio (NPR) wrote about here. What we like about Chris is that he manages to take brilliant photos of the most ephemeral events and have them feel like you’re there, even if you’re halfway around the world. He has long been a fan of Gorilla and can be found, some days, in the Lush Edinburgh shop, smelling his way through the scents.

In addition, Chris Scott rules because there was this one time, when I was involved in The Edinburgh Science Festival, where I was trying to explain the smell of Breath of God to a fashion designer and I didn’t have an atomiser, and Chris, out of the blue pops up, camera in one hand, other hand rifling in his pocket, and out comes the aforementioned Breath of God. He only had 2 pockets! And in 1 of them was the very thing I needed at the very time I needed it- and that the thing was Breath of God shows his incredibly good taste.

Please visit Chris Scott’s website here.

Thank you very much Chris! And glad you enjoyed the bus and the gig!

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He also snapped this photo of Peggy Hughes at our gig. We mentioned Peggy earlier on the blog here. Peggy is the doyenne of literature in Edinburgh. By day, Peggy is the Communications Executive of the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust. By night, she is the programme director of the West Port Book Festival, co-editor of Anon Poetry Magazine, and one third of Electric Bookshop. She was the one who hooked Gorilla up with the gig at The Scottish Poetry Library last year! Isn’t it lovely that these are the type of people Chris “paps”? FYI, since we’re talking about wordsmiths here, I’m not fond of the word “paps”, but it seems it’s one of the words without a synonym. Feel free to tweet us any suggestions- because we’re wide open for them.

All images copyright Chris Scott, 2012.


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