Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Hailey Beavis

Hailey Beavis performing at the legendary bookshop in Paris, Shakespeare & Co. Writers and artists such as Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Man Ray spent a great deal of time at Shakespeare and Company, and it was nicknamed “Stratford-on-Odéon” by James Joyce, who used it as his office.

Where does one begin to describe Hailey Beavis? A true DIY, for-the-people performer, for one. Hailey is a stalwart at some of Edinburgh’s most legendary folk clubs. Her way with lyrics is unmatched, and some (i.e. us, for example) would consider Hailey to be among the very best of Edinburgh songwriters. A performance by Hailey manages to touch you right down through your breast bone, into the center of your very being. If this sounds like we’re being exaggeratory, we can only tell you to catch a performance by Ms. Beavis and try to tell us otherwise! If you’re a fan of Cat Power, or Joanna Newsom, chances are you’ll become a fan of Ms. Beavis.

The song that’s been going around our heads for the past few days is an old one, called Shipwrecked, which can be found on Hailey’s Myspace page here (Yes. We said she was DIY. She was once called out by Marc Riley on the BBC for not updating her Myspace page!).

As a relentless performer, Hailey spends more time on her music than her press. We asked folk legend Dan Willson, aka Withered Hand, for a few words about Hailey and the ones he provided, we couldn’t agree with more:

“Hailey Beavis writes songs of rare delicacy and insight, combining an honest and sometimes startling turn-of-phrase with a natural melodic sensibility in her guitar compositions and her beautiful keening voice. It defies all sense that she remains so far a well kept secret outside of Edinburgh”.

Hailey has recently opened for The Proclaimers on a national tour. She also opened for the gala performance of Nick Cave‘s book, The Death of Bunny Munroe, with her band, at Canongate‘s Irregular cabaret.

Here is a lovely video of Hailey’s song, Sinking Sunset.

We’re so pleased to be have Hailey on tour. We’re sure audience members will be pleased, when in years to come they reflect back on the experience, that they were able to see Hailey Beavis, perform, for free.

“There’s a lot of hope in a song/And there’s a lot of ways that love can go wrong

Most times I don’t even know what’s going on/Till it’s all gone

I sit beneath of buildings/and I let the weight of my longing cry out on high chimes

The cathedral is choking/The chimneys of industry endlessly smoking

Over all of the people, out in the open/Down, down the mountainside, across the ocean”


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