Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Miaoux Miaoux

Miaoux Miaoux is Julian Corrie, an English man who lives in Glasgow. Miaoux Miaoux make music that does not fit neatly within one genre type, so how bout we do one of those incongruous hybrid definitions of indie-meets-pop-meets-dance-meets… err we’ll stop there and let two reputable music magazines do the gushing for us.

“Gloriously melodic dance-pop genius with echoes of Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx and the Avalanches” (The List)

“Effortlessly weaving between infectious pop hooks, conscious hip-hop, ebullient African rhythms, arable folk and star-striding electronica (to pick out just a few), Light of the North is an incongruous, ever-twisting musical kaleidoscopic” (Drowned In Sound)

We’re very pleased to have Miaoux Miaoux as part of tour!
And we’ve been listening to his soundcloud account quite a bit. You should too. It can be found here (includes a remix of Round and Round by Ariel Pink. We like Ariel Pink, also.)


Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Paul Tvaroh

For the Edinburgh gig at Inspace, the most amazing science and arts laboratory, we’ve brought along a surprise. Paul Tvaroh will be serving bespoke cocktails based on one of our perfumes. Paul and Gorilla Perfume have a long relationship, thanks in part to Lush’s lovely Charlotte who was served drinks by Mr. Tvaroh and thought he would work well with us. And it’s the kind of relationship in which each party walks away equally inspired by the other.

Paul has been called the Grant Achatz or Heston Blumenthal of bartending (depending on which continent the article was written on). He has been praised from such drinks industry legends like Eben Freeman. His bar often pops up in “Best Bars In the World” lists. He would be embarrassed that we are singing his praises so openly where everyone can see them. He’s a mysterious creature.
Paul is the proprietor of the legendary bar Lounge Bohemia, on Great Eastern Street, in Shoreditch, London. Hidden between a kebab shop and convenience store, there lurks a whole world of elegance, creativity, style and cocktails. Paul has the most minor of web presences, so please excuse the neopotism while we direct you to this site- but it’s the only one we know of that shows the ephemeral pieces of art, Mr. Tvaroh creates. Here you go.

To visit Lounge Bohemia yourself, we warn you*:

1) you must make a booking and 2) you cannot wear a business suit.


*we’re serious.

Gorilla on Tour- Performer Profiles: Jenni Fagan


Jenni Fagan is a poet and author, whose recently published book The Panopticon (William Heinemann, Random House) has garnered high praise from Samantha Morton and Andrew Motion. We are very pleased to have Jenni be part of our tour.


(We happen to love the aesthetic for Jenni’s poetry collection, The Dead Queen of Bohemia).

This is Jenni’s blog.

For more information about The Panopticon, visit The Guardian here.

Gorilla On Tour- Performer Profile: William Letford


In addition to being a talented poet, William Letford has worked as a roofer, on and off, since he was 15 years old. Known for his passionate poetry readings, which he recites from memory, William released his collection, Bevel, by Carcanet Press in 2012.

I don’t think we can sing any higher praise for William’s poetry, but to quote, verbatim, Nicholas Lezard, poetry editor of The Guardian.

“Look at it this way: the pleasure afforded by even two bottles of wine, or a duck confit, is passing, and, in time, not even the memory of it remains. Yet the pleasure I have gained from William Letford‘s poems alone will, I am confident, stay with me for ever.

I can honestly say that on reading his 14 very short poems here, I feel just as Keats did when he read Chapman’s Homer: that a new planet has come into the sky. How can you not smile – or indeed, as I did, laugh out loud – at his poem “Moths”, which begins with the word “moths” dotted about the page, like, of course, a cloud of moths (the title forming an extra-large moth), and then has, as its first proper line, the words “fucking moths”? Or “It’s aboot the labour” whose central section goes like this:

heh Casey did ah tell ye a goat
a couple a poems published

eh   naw
aw   right

(Letford, it is made clear in the little biographies at the end of the book, has a real job – as a roofer – and his poem about getting up to work in winter when it’s still dark should make poncey southern metropolitan softies like me a little bit ashamed of themselves.)”

We are very pleased to have William join the Gorilla On Tour-The Golden Hour: Infused and Bemused.

To listen to William read, please visit The Guardian website here.

Postscript: As per the reading, when Peggy Hughes says a poet is amazing, we believe her.

Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Kirstin Innes

Kirstin Innes not only runs the famed literary salon Words per Minute, she also writes award-winning arts journalism, has short stories published by McSweeneys, Cargo and Gutter, and has just finished her first novel, Fishnet. You can listen to her read below, or come and watch her in person in Stirling on October 10.

Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Bobók

Based in Edinburgh and singing in four languages, Bobók take elements of Balkan brass bands, Russian ska, tango and punk and glue it all together with cartoon absurdism.  Their songs are romantic romps about displacement, travel, love, loss, and the absence of bananas in Siberian concentration camps, among other things.

Live, they’re quite the experience, and we guarantee Bobók will have you dancing in the palms of their absurdist hands. They’ll be appearing on October 9 at Mono in Glasgow


Gorilla on Tour – Performer Profile: Emily Ballou

Emily Ballou is an Australian poet, novelist and screenwriter. WIdely published and awarded, her works include a verse portrait of Charles Darwin, ‘The Darwin Poems’ which was awarded the Wesley Michel Wright Poetry Prize in 2009, highly commended in the Anne Elder Award and shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Prize, the Western Australian Premier’s Prize, the Mary Gilmore Prize and the ALS Gold Medal. Good Reading said of it:

“a remarkable book…Emily Ballou has created a stirring portrait of the great naturalist in verse…You don’t have to be a Darwin enthusiast or a poetry buff to enjoy this book, but it may turn you into both.”

Here she is, reading ‘The Donkey’:

Emily will be appearing in Glasgow on October 9