Mira: How I met Mark Constantine

The Duloks

The Duloks

I started my Lush career as a Saturday girl in the legendary Carnaby Street Lush store. I worked for the BBC during the week.

Sadly the Carnaby Street shop is now gone, but not before spawning several Lush luminaries from its benevolent loins. Harry who now edits the Lush Times for example – he used to be my manager there. Jon from our Portobello store managed me there too. Happy days!

ANYWAY! Mark used to drop by our store quite often on Saturdays which I loved (I liked to imagine that we were his favourite store).

Once he bought in his daughter fresh from a Harry Potter audition – sometimes he came in
with international Lush visitors – but he ALWAYS came in with CDs, mix CDs, iPod playlists, news of a new band he had heard about, music recommendations, gig reviews and so on. He knew I was crazy about music too so he always made a beeline for me.

Thinking back I could imagine that my managers did not appreciate him standing behind the tills changing tracks and yelling at me excitedly who the band was, or where he’d first seen them or why he liked this song but I did! Sometimes it was quite hard to remember that the shop, customers and products existed when Mark was excited about music because I’d want to go over there and wildly enthuse with him.

The day came when I shyly sent Mark some tracks from my own band, The Duloks and waited to hear what he thought. I figured if Mark liked our music I could give myself a big pat on the back because Mark knows and loves music and he has good taste too!

It turned out that Mark loved The Duloks!

Whooooooooooooop! I did a Snoopy dance of joy and ran back to tell the band!

In the summer of 2008 I took a holiday to Dorset as I have a baby godson there and dropped in to see Mark. I had never been into the secret rooms atop the Lush Poole store and was tingling all over as I tiptoed up the staircase. We rendezvoused in a beautiful room that turned out to be Rowena’s office and we talked about life, love and MUSIC of course. Then he told me about a ballistic named Stardust, which had in part been inspired by The Duloks song (I’m Gonna Follow Your) Star Trail. It had been freshly developed and it was his wife Mo who brought one in to show us!

Mark introduced me by saying, “This is the star girl from the Duloks.” Mo looked at me and said “Ah yes, star star star star trail trail trail trail!” – (those are some of the lyrics to the song, she hadn’t had a funny turn).

I remember feeling as though I was dancing with unicorns in a pink sky full of diamonds and rainbows – it was sooo exciting! I was in the secret rooms! There was a ballistic that was a little bit influenced by us Dulokians! Mo and Mark had been listening to the song and then Mo had sung it to me! AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

What a happy day 🙂

You can see the star on the ballistic looks like the star on our single cover. This made me shiver with delight.

A few months after visiting Poole I left the BBC to come and work for Lush full time as a member of the Retail Support team. I figured that my music had infiltrated Lush in a wonderful way and that it was great and wonderful and a lovely thing to happen. Little was I to know that Mark had more musical ideas up his sleeve…but that is another story for next time!