The Golden Hour: Haggler’s Corner

What a whirlwind of a delight last night’s Golden Hour at Haggler’s Corner was.

After an adventurous day parked out front of the Sheffield City Hall, we meandered over to Haggler’s Corner. Past the garden, and the carpentry work shop, up the stairs and into a lofty upstairs room, Haggle’s Corner was that perfect combination of relaxed over stuffed leather couches, black tudor beams, and the perfect amount of flickering light to inspire all kinds of creative behavior.

Ryan Van Winkle kicked off the night with an obscure reference to his singular pubic hair that he wraps around his ‘carrot’ (why he is storing carrots in his pants was a little bit beyond me, but the audience found it uproariously funny) before introducing us to William Letford. William is a Scottish poet, and his poems were a mixture of fast talking reflections on the myriad of topics that comprise from his daily life, and sex. Lots of very sexy poems. I like poetry, but I like poetry even more when it is about fumbling around in the dark for love, while being spun by a tall man with a thick Scottish accent.

Following Billy, we had the glorious chanteuse Hailey Beavis. Her warbling high notes sent shivers down my spine as she weaved out stories in haunting melody infused acoustics. Singing about love and god, she quite literally entranced us. She ended her set backing the Collisions Dance Company’s Voice of Reason, a perfect amalgamation of movement bring out the best in her vocals.

Anneliese Mackintosh graciously took the microphone and dispelled all the mystery surrounding what is exactly us women are thinking in the mornings, and what we do for hours secretly in the toilet while our lovers sit and wait. Her ever so slightly melancholy musings on love and the mild frustrations of undefined relationships left me thought provoked and a little relieved that at least I wasn’t the only crazy one out there.

Juxaposed to her sweet voice, the rough and energetic vocals of Billy Liar consumed the crowd as he jumped and strummed passionately in his acoustic set. His lyrics were compelling, but left me with the feeling that I never wanted to be one of the inspirations behind one of his songs, as one of his lyrics “there’s a reason I’m not friends with any of my exes” clearly depicted. He ended his set quite gently with a song that quite tenderly explore unrequited love before finishing with a good old-fashioned sing-along (which was simple, thankfully, as the night was creeping towards its end and I am not sure we could have handled anything too complicated)

After a few local poets took the stage, the night ended with the Shaking Whips, what a perfect way to end off any evening, but it was especially perfect in this venues at this exact moment in time. Her undulating vocals paired exquisitely with the simple garage band rhythm and smooth electric vibes. Rapturing.

The whole evening was spell bounding, and an experience not to be missed. If you can make it to any of our upcoming events, I would highly recommend it, these are occasions not to be missed.

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